Ask for subsidy or use a government subsidy

There is another bad news this month form your internet service provider: you have used more than you want to. Your internet bills have risen and you want to punch yourself so hard.

It happens. Some of the reasons that internet cost piles up are negligence or ignorance. They can be prevented. In fact, you might be using the same broadband plan with the same speed as your neighbour and spend lower than her on internet cost.

If you will read this, (and we are glad you are) there are solutions to your pains. The past is gone, so keep the below tips for the coming month and you will never have to cry again.

Don’t just imagine this while sitting on a couch; check with your internet provider and see if you deserve some subsidy. Depending on your area and ISP, certain factors will qualify you for a subsidized cost of internet bills. Also, the government puts in place programmes that will allow citizens to enjoy a lower cost of internet services. You can find out by simply asking the staff of your ISP or a friend.

Buy your own router

Ok. Ok. Renting a router is affordable than buying one for now. Then you keep renting and renting and renting and it never stops. Over time, you have spent the amount that will buy your router. Buy your own router and save yourself continuous expenses.

Know the internet services you really want at home and in the office

4G is good. 5G is super good. If you look at these services and what you are using them for in your house, you might realize you don’t really need the excess faster download. So before you choose a broadband service, ask yourself if you really need such services.


Most companies have a fixed amount for each of their services. It won’t work if you are just negotiating. If you are good at negotiating, this will be straightforward. If you aren’t, just imagine the possible ways to convince the company. For instance, you might need to do a little research to find other providers who offer lower internet services. So with that in your hand, you can negotiate and show them what other service providers is offering their customer.

Bundle the services you are using

Depending on your ISP, if you bundle your services, the cost will reduce drastically. In fact, if you bundle your services for over two years, you can save up to a thousand dollars. So ask the staff and see what they have to offer.

These five steps should ensure you spend lesser than the previous month in terms of internet cost. And if you sign up with a trusted internet broadband services, they should offer you tips on how to minimize the cost of services.