Make Your Most Valuable Math

Went to the casino recently with a pocketful of $20 hoping to make it last until the end of theCsin money. Never did I expect to actually make money that long.On the way out I realized that everyone wants to make the85%and as long as you count correctly on the odds – you can beat the casino! Set a limit to play and leave yourself in the handlong enough to make your most favorable math result. This will give you an edge over the casino. When you make your calculations, play tight and maintain that edge. That means – don’t raise when you should, check when you can NO ONE gets a♥ before the come out, etc.

midst of all this,

You have been having an idea on how to approach slot online gambling. Here are some suggestions that I advised people use.

First – setting a limit to play. If you’re lucky and win a few hands for the day take your profit and stop. Don’t use the money you have earned to play because you now have a much bigger problem – a huge loss of enthusiasm.

Second – decide in advance how much you’re going to spend – that’s a big difference between “a fun day” and being “on a losing run”.

Third – decide in advance how much you’re going to win – that’s a big change between “a day when I win” and “a day when I lose”.

If you stick with these suggestions you will win out if you play right. You may not win as much as some people do – but who cares! Since so many people play poorly there are enough good quitters to make your day profitable.

To avail the quitters among your friends to play there are only two things you need to do – play in the empire state casinos or seek out the online slot casinos. Some of the i-slot casinos have bonus sign up and no deposit sign up bonuses. Let’s say a $100 bonus sign up. You have $100. You could play for 2 hours, but if you’re not winning anything and the money is gone you’re losing, move on to another casino. Don’t play for a hour or lose your mind and never play again.

Some people win and some lose and that’s all there is to it. There’s no reason to beat a winning machine when you’re only going to win half of what you invest! Give it up for the day when you’ve had a couple of drinks and you won’t be so mad at yourself! Walk away, have a couple of drinks, forget about your aces, just get out of there!

If you convince yourself that you will win until you fail then it’s a different story. You won’t win until you’re so drunk you can barely think straight. Walk away from the table when you’re behind and try to leave the casino a loser for a few hours before you’re too tipsy to remember.


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